Simon Jakobovits is a Melbourne based Gastroenterologist with a special interest in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD), Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Whilst Dr Jakobovits investigates and treats all general gastroenterological complaints, he specialises in supporting sufferers of IBD to manage this lifelong illness. In addition to diagnosing and treating patients with gastroenterological issues,
Dr Jakobovits also dedicates time to teaching the next generation of health care professionals.


Services Offered


Diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal complaints including but not limited to:

– Heartburn/reflux

– Difficulty swallowing

– Bloating and abdominal pain

– Constipation and diarrheoa

– Rectal bleeding

– Abnormal liver function tests

– Colorectal cancer screening

– Iron Deficiency Anaemia

Investigative Procedures – NO GAP (your private health insurer will cover all costs)



Flexible Sigmoidoscopy


Private Practice

Private Consulting Suites
Suite 32, Cabrini Hospital

Isabella Street,
Malvern 3144 Melbourne,
Victoria, Australia

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All consultations are by appointment and a valid, up to date referral from a medical practitioner is required at the time of your visit. – Tel: 9576 0088 – Fax: 9576 0040


Procedure Location
Cabrini Hospital – Day Procedure Centre
Entrance B, Isabella Street,
Malvern 3144 Melbourne,
Victoria, Australia

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Public Appointments

The Alfred Hospital

Patients without private health insurance who are seen in Dr Jakobovits’ private rooms, can access Colonoscopy and Gastroscopy procedures at the Alfred Hospital.


Whilst Dr Jakobovits performs consultations and procedures at the Alfred Hospital, patients referred to the Alfred Hospital are triaged according to their symptoms, and the appropriate procedures will be performed by the first available practitioner. There is no guarantee that this will be Dr Jakobovits although in many situations Dr Jakobovits’ patients will be on his list.


Other Procedure Locations

Hobson’s Bay Endoscopy Centre – Altona
Northwest Endoscopy Centre – Ascot Vale

Dr Jakobovits performs Colonoscopy and Gastroscopy procedures at Hobson’s Bay and Northwest Endoscopy Centres. If you would like to have a procedure with Dr Jakobovits at one of these locations,
it is necessary for the referring doctor to specify Dr Jakobovits as the proceduralist of choice.


Teaching Positions

Monash University – Honorary Senior Lecturer

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